Zak is a photographer based in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Born and raised in the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside, Zak grew up with a camera always in his hand. An international education in the arts and several early gallery exhibitions of his work quickly led to years of world travel in pursuit of the beautiful. Since first gaining international recognition for his innovative wall-sized enlargements of polaroid images taken in Tokyo, his star has not stopped rising. After returning to Pennsylvania with three books published under his name, nearly a decade of photographing weddings worldwide, and countless memories, his unique style of seeing the light in this world is now available for your weddings, portraits, or special events.

Always quick with a joke and a smile, Zak's confidence and charm is sure to set your mind at ease. On one of the most important days of your life, it is vital to have confidence in those that you've entrusted to capture the beauty of your day. When the party is over, and all of the gifts are put away, you can trust that your images will never fade.

Zak's approach, coupled with his uncommonnly beautiful images and years of experience shooting in mixed conditions is sure to provide you with a rich tapestry of images that you can relive for years to come.




Alex is a wedding and lifestyle photographer based out of Portland, Maine. With a passion for traveling the world and capturing fleeting moments of everyday beauty his striking images have a way of cutting through the artifice of modern culture and revealing the authentic experience. Alex has been photographing real moments of beauty for over 15 years. He possesses the rare mix of both a technical expertise with his equipment and the human understanding, sense of humor and empathy that are so important in setting his subjects at ease. He has a calm demeanor and kind approach and can be the steady hand to help guide you through the whirlwind experience that is a wedding day. That is why he was hand picked to work with Zak Zavada Photography exclusively starting in early 2018.

Alex and Zak have been friends for over a decade and continue to challenge each other to pursue a finer finesse and mastery of their craft. They posses a not only a similar style and aesthetic but a shared philosophical approach to beauty and photography. Any weddings booked with Alex receive the same high level of service and attention to detail and are edited in-house at Zak Zavada Photography.

You can see more of our favorite images of Alex’s here.




Kristen is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Scranton, Pennsylvania. She is responsible for editing all of our photographs and album layouts. When she isn’t working at her desk you can find her practicing Spencerian penmanship with a fountain pen, drawing skeletons, or cuddling with her animals. She and Zak have been inseparable since first meeting in a darkroom in Art School in 2005. They were married in 2018.